A big help removing big wheels

Rim-Wizard removes most wheels from trucks, mobile cranes, wheel loaders and dump trucks as well as harbor and mining equipment. Now we also have a new edition for the Rim Wizard family, the smaller one which is optimized for trucks.


Work equipment rims are usually connected around wheel hubs. Tight fit between rim and hub gathers rust and gets stuck over time. As this happens removing wheels gets difficult. Usual methods to remove stuck wheels are hitting with hammer, pushing with hydraulic jack or even pulling with other machinery. This takes time and might damage equipment or hurt mechanics. With Rim-Wizard wheel comes unstuck fast and easy in few minutes.


Rim-Wizard can also make big help changing air sealing o-rings on wheel. Normally a wheel that is losing air between rim and tire had to be removed and taken to tire change machine. With Rim-Wizard you can change o-ring and keep wheels on place. Just remove air, push the lock ring in, clean the rim and change new o-ring. When filling tires with air, Rim-Wizard gives protection to mechanic by preventing lock rings come away.


Rim-Wizard is available in several sizes and comes with different size covers for wheel hubs.


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