Lil Wizard


- innovative rim extractor

- lighter version of original Rim Wizard

- suitable for removing wheels from most trucks, trailers and low loader trailers

- suitable for steel and aluminium rims size of 17,5”, 19,5” and 22,5”



- removing stuck wheel from rim just in few minutes

- saves time and money!

A big help removing big wheels

Is fighting with stuck wheels familiar?

Over time, the rim may stuck so hard that its removing with normal methods is not possible. Then you will have to spend hours hammering, beating, pushing with the jack or even pulling with other machinery.


Rim Wizard handles the removal of the tire in a few minutes safe and easy! Rim Wizard helps to save valuable time. Why would you spend many hours on work, which can easily be done in a few minutes. Many professionals have already proved Rim
Wizard to be a great help with tire work.

Finnish innovation

Rim Wizard has been developed by Ilkka Liukas, who has been working in the field for a long time. Changing a stuck wheel is a familiar problem, which has not had a proper solution yet.


Rim Wizard is patented. You will not find a similar product from anywhere else. It is compact in size, and it is also easy to carry around. No need to wait for hours for help along the road and the job is handled in a blink of an eye.


Rim Wizard is available in several sizes and comes with different size covers for wheel hubs.

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