Rim Wizard

Stuck wheels are a common problem with heavy machinery. In most cases it takes several hours and the most imaginative aids has to be used. Long-term construction and crane industry worker Ilkka Liukas developed a solution to the problem.

The story of Rim Wizard

One day they tried to remove a stuck wheel from a crane, but the wheel didn’t come off in any way. They tried to push the wheel out from the hub by a sturdy jack, hammering and pulling with telehandler, but it did not help. They decided to go rest and during the night Liukas wondered frantically how the wheel could come off. Then he developed Rim Wizard’s first prototype. The next morning, the wheel came off painlessly and quickly with the help of the device. Rim Wizard’s story began that night.

Rim Wizard

Rim Wizard is sturdy, but still relatively light device and makes it safe to change the stuck wheel. It weighs approx. 30 kilograms and it can be used by just one man. Wizard is therefore handy to carry around, which greatly helps if the tire happens to break on road. To change a wheel, all you need is a lug wrench, Rim Wizard and few minutes! It is suitable for almost all industrial cranes, construction machinery, port and mining machinery. Now as a newcomer we have a smaller Rim Wizard optimized for e.g. trucks. Devices are patented and device this handy can’t be found elsewhere in the world.

Helps changing the o-ring

Rim Wizard is also a great help in changing the o-ring. When the tire is leaking, the most common reason is that the o-ring or dry or displaced and corrosion. The device allows the O-ring be removed and changed without removing the wheel. When using Rim Wizard you only have to release the air, push the lock ring in and then the o-ring becomes visible and it is easy to change. The device also protects the mechanic at the filling stage, preventing the lock ring to come off.


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